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How to: Test Your Flow and Pressure

Flow and pressure ratings are key components of designing and automating an optimum performing irrigation system. 

Find out how to measure your flow and pressure using our tester device and start designing your system today!

Posted on: May 27, 2021

Pop-up sprinkler nozzles and dripline all have a designed operating pressure and required flow for optimum performance.  Testing your water flow and pressure is important as it indicates how many sprinklers you can run efficiently at once.

Our pre-assembled flow & pressure testing device is available for hire at $100 and fully refundable upon return. It allows you to test your flow rate at a pressure of:

  • 200Kpa
  • 250Kpa
  • 300Kpa


  1. Remove all tap fittings from the tap;
  2. Turn the device on by pressing the orange button - make sure you see litres per minute on the screen;
  3. Screw the device on to the tap with the ball valve closed (lever should be in a horizontal position);
  4. Turn your tap on to fully open, no water will come out as your ball valve will be closed;
  5. The needle on the pressure gauge will then show a static water pressure;
  6. Slowly open the ball valve in a clockwise position until the needle on the pressure gauge hits 300Kpa;
  7. Note down the flow rate (L/minute) showing on the digital screen;
  8. Repeat this step with the needle positioned at 250Kpa and 200Kpa, noting down each flow rate for each pressure;
  9. We now have your flow and pressure results and can start designing your system!

Click here, to upload and submit your plan and flow results for an irrigation design & quote.

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