La Niña Residential Rain Harvesting

La Niña - or 'the girl' - is the positive phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation.

To put it simply, for us Australians this means conditions generally result in above average rainfall over much of the country. The wetter months of a La Niña year typically run from July to October, sprinkling slightly a month or two over each side of that period.

The DI Online team have collected the best products to suit your rain harvesting needs for this year and put them all in one place for your ease. From your rainwater tank & downpipe fittings, all the way through to the tank level indicator.

We've even put together a full all-in-one pressure pump kit to attach directly to your tank valve on one end, and to your garden hose on the other. This will ensure your garden stays green during the hot Aussie summer, while ecologically making the most of the heavy forcasted rains to come.

La Niña Residential Rain Harvesting

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