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Popup Sprinklers

Hidden sprinklers that pop up above the lawn or garden. There are gear drive sprinklers for large areas and no gear drive that will need a nozzle of your choice to complete the sprinkler.



Yes, Hunter is one of our biggest and best brands we have available online. We sell over 100 Hunter products online at very competitive prices and are able to source anything you can't find on our website.

Dural Irrigation stock many high quality industry popup brands such as Hunter, Toro, Rain Bird, Rainspray and Orbit. 

In a popup sprinkler, a check valve is useful when installing popups in a sloped lawn. A check valve is a non-return valve, meaning it will stop any and all leaks from the nozzle of the sprinkler when the system is turned off. Check valves also eliminate the need of filling up the main line each time a cycle starts on your system.

The most common reasons for your sprinklers not popping up, is usually not enough pressure to the system, water leaks within your pipework or debris stuck in the spray head.  Pop-ups require a certain amount of water pressure to work efficiently, so you either have too many sprinklers on the one zone or your water source is not supplying enough pressure for your system. Always check for leaks within your pipes and debris in your sprinkler nozzles.

The choice of a pop up sprinkler depends entirely on your application. For small lawns, the Hunter Pro-Spray body is a popular choice, for larger lawns, we recommend the Hunter PGP Ultra.

The amount of sprinkler heads you can run at one time on one valve is dictated by the pressure and flow rate of your water supply. Each sprinkler head has a required operating pressure and flow. Once you have calculated your flow rate, you can then determine the total number of sprinklers you can run efficiently at once.

Gear driven sprinklers also known as rotor sprinklers have an internal gear mechanism installed, that rotates the sprinkler head distributing an even and uniform amount of water coverage.  Gear driven sprinklers spray arc and distance are adjustable and are suitable for the larger domestic application.

The most important factor to consider when positioning your sprinklers is having head-to-head coverage. Pop-up sprinklers are designed to spray more water at the head of the sprinkler and less at the end of the spray. Sprinklers should be installed so that one sprinkler sprays onto the adjacent sprinkler. It is better to spray from the edge of lawn and garden areas into the middle. So, it is better to position your sprinklers around the edge. If the area is wider than the radius of the sprinklers used then, more sprinklers should be placed in the middle.

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