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Rural B Green Line Pipe (MDPE)

*Please note, we can only ship straight 1m lengths of Rural B Green Line Pipe. Any larger sizes or lengths are pickup in store only, due to the size and weight of the coils. 

A Rural grade of poly pipe which is limited to 600 kpa operating pressure and is available in the old imperial diameters from 3/4" to 2".

Straight 1M lengths are also available in most Rural B sizes and available for shipping.


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Rural B or Greenline Pipe is measured by the internal diameter (ID) using the imperial measuring system, which is generally in inches and fractions.

Rural B fittings can be easily connected by first removing the nut of the fitting and sliding over the pipe you wish to connect, then remove the insert out of the body of the fitting. Fit the insert into the pipe and bring the other side of the insert into the body of the fitting and then tighten the nut around the thread of the fitting with a wrench. The inserts are self aligning. As the nut tightens it will draw the insert into the body of the fitting to create the perfect seal every time.

There is no difference between the two brands, it just comes down to personal preference. Both are rated the same and use the same installation method, by unscrewing the nuts of the fitting and sliding your pipe onto the insert inside.

A compression fitting is a type of coupling used to connect two pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve. As the nut is tightened, the compression ring is pressed into the seat, causing it to press against the pipe and the nut, providing a watertight seal.  Hence no thread tape is required.

To create a seal tight connection you will need to use an adjustable wrench to tighten the nut of your fitting.  Slide the end of your poly pipe into the loosened side of the compression fitting until you feel resistance. Turn the locking screw (nut) clockwise until it is tight. A tight locknut does not allow the pipe to move in the fitting body. The most common cause of compression fittings leaking is due to over tightening.

Fittings are available to allow for direct conversion form Rural B (green line) to Metric (blue line) poly pipe as a single fitting. Due to both nut ends sharing a common thread and fitting body, the alternative inserts to suit the different poly pipe types can be achieves with the respective cap assemblies. 

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