Trade Pricing & Discounts

Are you a tradesman looking for competitive pricing to supply to your business?

Dural Irrigation offers an online tradie account for Australian businesses or sole traders that are looking for a fair priced supplier for their projects. 

Dural Irrigation have been supplying for over 40 years to such businesses as landscapers, plumbers, nurseries, growers, construction, irrigation installers, architects, electricians and many more.

All you need to do is enter your business ABN when registering your online account and you will automatically receive wholesale pricing once logged in. Click here to register for an online account.

The discounted percentage rate varies between different products and collections giving you a further discount from the standard retail price.

Unfortunately trade customers cannot use discount codes on top of their already significantly reduced trade prices, regardless of the deal being offered, this includes Black Friday sales and first order welcome discounts. 

If you have any issues upon registering or seeing your special trade pricing, please call us on 1800 244 389.


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