Dural Irrigation

Flow and Pressure Tester

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Device can be returned after use in working condition for a full refund.

Our pre-assembled Flow test device allows you to test your flow rate at pressure of 

  • 200Kpa
  • 250Kpa
  • 300Kpa

Ideal for designing a pop-up irrigation system determining how many sprinklers will work efficiently on one zone.

Instructions on Use

  • Remove all tap fittings from tap.
  • Turn on device by pressing the orange button, make sure you see litres per minute on the screen.
  • Screw device on to the tap with the ball valve closed
  • Turn tap on fully open.
  • The needle will show a static pressure of water
  • Open valve slowly to adjust the needle to pressure setting of 300Kpa
  • Note down the litres per minute showing on the digital device.
  • Repeat above at 250Kpa and 200Kpa

Please return the device to 270 New Line Road, Dural NSW 2158 with your invoice enclosed.