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How to: Adjust a PGP Ultra Sprinkler

How to: Adjust a PGP Ultra Sprinkler

The Hunter PGP Ultra Sprinkler is adjustable from 50° - 360°.  Sprinklers can be adjusted with the water on or off.  It is recommended that initial adjustments be made before installation.


pgp ultra components



pgp ultra nozzle installationpgp ultra nozzle installation
  1. Insert the plastic key into the lifting socket of the sprinkler and turn 90°. 

  2. Pull the riser up by the key to gain access to the nozzle socket.

  3. Using the steel hex end of the Hunter Key, turn the radius adjustment screw from the top, counterclockwise to be sure it is not blocking the nozzle socket opening.  If a nozzle is already installed, it can be removed by backing out the adjustment screw and turning on the water, or pulling outward on the nozzle "ears" with a pair of needle nosed pliers.

  4. Slip the desired nozzle into the nozzle socket .  Note that the nozzle socket is angled up 25°.  The "ears" should be adjusted so that the nozzle range screw threads directly down between them.  Then tighten the nozzle range screw.  The raised bump with an arrow on the rubber cover will always indicate the location of the nozzle and direction of water flow when the sprinkler is retracted.


pgp ultra arc adjustment


Adjustable heads are preset to approximately 180°.

1. Using the palm of your hand, rotate the turret counterclockwise to the left stop complete any interrupted rotation cycle.

2. Rotate the nozzle turret clockwise to the right stop, this is the fixed side of the arc.  The nozzle turret must be held in this position

Note: The right stop does not change.


adjusting the arc of pgp ultra
  1. Insert the plastic end of the Hunter Key into the adjustment socket.
  2. While holding the nozzle turret at the right stop, turn the key clockwise.  Each full 360° turn of the key will increase the arc 90°.
  3. Adjust to any arc between 40° and 360°.
  4. The key will stop turning, or there will be a ratcheting noise, when the maximum arc of 360° (full circle) has been reached.


Repeat the same steps above but turn the key in a counterclockwise direction instead.  The key will stop turning when the minimum arc of 40° has been reached.


adjusting the throw arc of a PGP Ultra


Insert the steel hex end of the Hunter Key into the radius adjustment screw. Turn clockwise (into the stream of water) to decrease the radius, or counterclockwise to increase the radius. Radius can be reduced up to 25%.

Caution: Turning the adjustment key clockwise more than five full turns may result in a lost radius adjustment screw. 

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