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How to: Choose the Right Dripper for Your Pots

Dripper stakes are ideal for pots of all sizes, including planter boxes, as they require more watering than a garden due to water evaporation and loss. Find out what kind of drippers you'll need for your pots!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2019

Pots require more watering than a garden due to water loss. Dripper stakes are ideal for pots of all size including planter boxes. Flow and coverage can be altered by the rotating cap, you can choose where to anchor the stake for precise watering.  Stakes attach to 4mm tubing which can easily be punched into low density poly pipe connecting to your water supply.

Different stakes produce different spray arcs and patterns to suit a range of applications.


Octimitter Shrubbler Spike - Produces eight streams of spray which can be adjusted with the rotating cap including complete shut off.  The flow can be adjusted between 0-40LPH. The watering pattern is a downward arc suited to hanging baskets and plantar boxes.


Vortex Spectrum Spike - Produces a full circle spray with fine droplets.  Flow and coverage can be altered by the rotating cap.The flow can be adjusted from 0- 90LPH and 4m radius.Suitable for larger pots and taller plants.


Potstream Barbed Stake - This angled stake allows for side mounting on pots and containers.  The adjustable gentle stream pattern minimises soil erosion and the variable flow rate and pattern radius allows for use in various pot sizes.  The variable flow rate pattern suits 150mm-600mm diameter pots and walls up to 40mm thick. Being side mounted the supply tube looks neat and tidy without having to enter into the pot.  







netafim netbowNetafim Netbow™ - With NetBow, roots develop in every square inch of the container including the top layer, where root development is critical, ensuring your crops reach their full growth potential and guarantees better ROI. NetBow is an innovative, user friendly container irrigation multi-outlet dripper arc. Developed to address the needs of high-value soilless pot-irrigated crops that   require unique irrigation and fertigation knowhow. 







fuschia spray stake assemblyNetafim PCJ CNL Fuchsia Spray Stake Assembly- This assembly allows for substantial and uniform watering in your garden bed, directly from your poly pipe main line. Both the fuchsia dripper and the spray stake on the other end, emit 12 L/h & are pressure compensating, meaning consistent and uniform watering regardless of pressure variations within the line. The spray stake is anti-drain (CNL), meaning once the system turns off, no leaking will occur, and the pipe remains ready and full of water for the next system turn on.

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