Rain Harvesting

Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater® Original Rain Head

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The Leaf Eater Original is the ultimate high performance rain head. Not only does it protect the home by preventing gutters from blocking and flooding eaves, the Leaf Eater Original also improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance.

The Leaf Eater Original is ideal for use purely as a debris removing device even when rainwater is not being collected. The Leaf Eater Original incorporates a flow directional gutter outlet which directs the flow of water from the gutter onto the face of the primary screen.

  • Prevents blocked downpipes which stops backflow of water into gutters and eaves
  • High flow rate performance
  • Superior catchment efficiency at low and high flow rates
  • Easy to paint
  • Includes 170mm x 75mm lead-free PVC gutter outlet
  • 90mm outlet