Lawn Irrigation Solutions

Lawn Irrigation Solutions

Installing an automatic irrigation system to care for your lawn will ensure your turf receives the correct amount of water at the right time of the day and save water at the same time.

There are three options for lawns either pop up sprinklers spaced around the lawn, an underground drip system or portable sprinklers.

Sprinklers are the easiest to install and if installed correctly they will give you good water efficiency and coverage. Sprinkler based systems are suited to the larger lawn. 

Sub-surface drip requires a bit more effort with installation but you will receive a more uniform coverage with water from each drip emitter going straight to the root of the turf, with nearly no evaporation loss. Very little water is needed which in turn discourages weed growth.

Portable sprinklers are the cheapest and simplest option and are ideal for establishing new turf.

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