Hunter Wireless Valve System

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The WVP programmer and WVC battery-powered controller work together to create a wireless control system that provides multi-station control when a standard electric connection is unavailable.

  • Traffic medians and roundabouts
  • Rural properties
  • Construction sites
  • Municipal parks…all places that lack standard electric power.
Battery life is guaranteed through a full season, making replacement a simple annual task. And there’s no need to reach inside the valve box to hook up a field transmitter and download program instructions; the programmer can communicate with the controller from up to 30 metres away.


Combined with the user-friendly operating features, there’s no battery-powered unit on the market that’s easier to program. Plus, with all installed components hidden safely underground and out of view, only the Wireless Valve System is truly vandal-resistant.

Please note that Wireless Valve Controllers do not include DC latching coils or solenoid valves.

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