Portable Lawn Sprinklers

Portable Lawn Sprinklers

The best way to establish a new laid lawn is by overhead irrigation. Portable sprinklers attached to the end of a hose are cheap and efficient. A tap timer will ensure you don’t leave the water on for too long and waste water. 

Portable sprinklers available for your house hold lawn include

Oscillating – These sprinklers rotate back and forth like a fan, shooting thin jets of water in the air to cover large areas of your lawn. The spray pattern is usually rectangular in shape. They can be adjusted to accommodate different sized coverage, the centre spray pattern is ideal for median strips or narrow lawns.

Impact - These sprinklers rotate and can be adjusted to part circle or full circle spray patterns.  They are made from brass or plastic to withstand harsh conditions. Ideal for the larger lawn.  Typically mounted on a PVC riser and/or metal/plastic sled base.

Stationary – These sprinklers have no moving parts, and simply cover the area in which they’re placed. They are a cheaper option and may require to be moved around your lawn as watering.

Travelling – The travelling sprinkler is a sprinkler on wheels, which moves as it sprays. These sprinklers are great for large, level lawns. The water pressure propels the sprinkler along with 3 position speed control settings.  They can cover a large lawn area with the shut off ramp being placed at any position on your lawn.

Depending on the size and shape of your yard and the ease of water access, the sprinkler option to suit your lawn will vary. But by choosing the correct one, you’ll get a fantastically efficient method of watering your lawn.

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