Scotchlok Wire Joiners

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The 3M™ Scotchlok™ IDC Connector 316IR is used to electrically connect two or three wire ends, insulate the connection and provide a moisture resistant seal. Recommended for use with low energy underground circuit wires, Sprinkler Systems, Landscape Lighting or other moisture resistant wires for applications of less than 30 volts.

Use 3M Brand Butt Connector UAL  is a sealed, moisture resistant two or three wire insulation displacement connector. Outside ports accept solid copper, aluminium or a combination of both.

  • Self stripping
  • Moisture resistant seal
  • Can be crimped using slip joint pliers
  • Used with insulated copper conductors

The 3M™ Direct Bury Splice Kit is used to electrically connect two or more pre-stripped copper wires and moisture seal the connection for direct burial. Ideal for all decoder type irrigation control systems.

The kit includes a 3M™ Performance Plus Wire Connector Red/Yellow and a high impact, UV-resistant polypropylene tube pre-filled with moisture-resistant grease.

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