OASE Bitron UVC Clarifiers

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The Bitron UVC Clarifier, specially developed for garden ponds, is packed with technology and innovation. Automatic cleaning for the new Bitron C series means that a cleaning rotor is continuously activated by the water flow around the quartz tube.

Unique combination of UVC light and permanent magnet prevents the calcification of important pump and filter parts. All Bitron clarifiers have an integrated cleaning system and indicator light or inspection window. All UVC’s have a cable length of 5 metres and come with a 2 year guarantee (excluding lamp).

  • With automatic self-cleaning
  • Individually adjustable flow control
  • Clear water through flocculation of algae
  • Visual function check
  • High-quality workmanship in impact-resistant plastic
  • Simple installation thanks to an extensive range of connection accessories
  • Safely and effectively removes bacteria and germs (through UVC radiation)
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