Netafim Miniscape

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Miniscape is an 8mm OD (6mm ID) high-grade, UV stable brown poly drip line with a 1.9 L/Hour drip emitter inserted inside the poly tube at either 15cm or 30cm intervals. It is ideal for small and medium garden beds and lawns, the perfect replacement for micro-sprays.

  • Reduces water usage by up to 60%
  • Reduces plant disease
  • Can be installed above or below the surface, clog resistant
  • Flexible and easy to install in existing gardens
  • Maximum single run 15 metres or a loop run of 30 metres

It is recommended to install a filter, pressure regulator, air release valve and line flushing valve with all dripline systems. 

Refer to our Drip Accessories Kit for everything you need to connect from the tap to the dripline.

Download Installation PDF

Download Dripline Manual PDF

Download Miniback Specs PDF

What is Drip Irrigation?