Naan Dan Jain

Dan Micro Spray Heads

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A sturdy, professional, agricultural quality sprinkler with great flexibility and is easy installation. It's modular design spray head has plug-and-play, colour coded spreaders, swivels and nozzles.

Each nozzle determines the amount of water the sprinkler delivers and the spreader determines the direction of the spray.

Comes with nozzle and spreader installed ready to clip onto the DAN rod assembly or the DAN base. Depending on the water pressure available, the green nozzle will provide approximately 104 L/h and the blue nozzle, approximately 200 L/h.

  • Broad range of wetted diameters and flow rates
  • Full-circle and part-circle patterns
  • Small, medium or large droplets produced by different sprayers, swivels or anti-mist devices
  • Perfect for gardens, greenhouse application, overhead watering or any nursery application
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