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Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinklers

Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinklers

The Australian bush is amazing, but living near it does come with an increased risk of BUSH FIRE. The risk of losing your home can be reduced with a Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinkler System. A Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinkler System cools the area around your home and helps to extinguish flying hot embers. 

Engineered to be water efficient, low maintenance and easy to use, a Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinkler System is the extra help you will need if you plan to stay and defend your property. If you intend to leave early, don’t just rely on your insurance, a Rainmaker Sprinkler System can defend your home for several hours unmanned.

We can assemble for you a ready to go Rainmaker Bushfire Protection Systems including Pump, Hoses and Rainmakers to help you defend your home, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


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