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How to: Choose a Dewatering Suction Pump

If you have excess water or are suffering from areas flooding in or around your house, let us help you understand how and why to manage your dewatering solutions. Learn more here.

Have excess water? This is where dewatering solutions come into play.

Whether it be your garage, basement, backyard, pool or excavation site there is a solution for you.

The most common method of dewatering is using a submersible pump (sump pump). The pump is placed at the lowest point of the water and when the water level rises to a certain point the pump will send the water out to a suitable discharge point.


  1. The height from the water to the delivery point.
  2. The distance from the water to the delivery point.
  3. The discharge location.
  4. Is there power available?
  5. Do you have the correct cable length?
  6. Do you have your hose and fittings ready for set up?
  7. The quality of the water

Like in any pumping application, it is necessary to match the pump type to the application by considering the above.


  • Vortex
  • Semi Vortex 
  • Closed Vane

Vortex pumps are suitable for water with particles greater than 8mm, with lower head applications and will pump down to approximately 100mm. We would recommend the Davey Vortex Sumbersible Multi-Purpose Pump.

Semi Vortex pumps are suitable for water with particles greater than 4mm, higher head applications and will pump down to approximately 100mm. We would recommend the DAB Vertynova Submersible Pump.

Closed Vane pumps are suitable for cleaner water with particles less than 5mm, higher head applications and will pump down to approximately 80mm. We would recommend the Grundfos SB or SBA Submersible Pressure Pump.

There is also an option of the Flo-Kwip Puddle Sucker Pump which will pump water down to as little as 3mm, this pump is considered a semi vortex.

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