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How to: Maintain Your Pond

Maintaining a pond is easy with the right equipment. Here, we can advise you on some easy tips to maintain a clean pond and some recommendations for some products to help you do just that!
Posted on: May 08, 2017

Maintaining a pond is easy with the right equipment. A solids handling pump combined with a UV light and biological filter makes pond keeping easy. Oase Filtration Systems even offer a 'Clear Water, Money Back Guarantee' when used according the manufacturers recommendations. 

We recommend the PondMax All-In-One Pump, Filter & UV Clarifier for ponds up to 4000L without fish. To calculate the size of your pond, check out PondMax's Pond Volume Calculator to assist you.

You should clean your pump and filter when you notice the flow has been reduced and remove sludge from the bottom using pond vacuum products such as the Oase Pondovac or the PondMax PV350 Pond Vacuum.

Removing leaves with a net or skimmer products from Oase will also help reduce the amount of sludge that builds up on the bottom of the pond. It's a good idea to test your water every couple of months to make sure that everything is in balance. 

It's also good practice to do partial water changes of about 10% a month to help keep things fresh.

Extra Tips

Remember that regular maintenance is better for you and your pond than doing a massive clean every year. The following are a few tips to help you with the ongoing maintenance of your pond:

  1. Filter materials should be cleaned in buckets of pond water (free from herbicides and pesticides) and the dirty water should be discarded onto the garden.
  2. Chlorinated tap water should never be used to clean the filter material as the chlorine in the tap water kills the beneficial bacteria in the filter.
  3. When replacing the filter materials it is better to stagger the change over a few weeks so all the bacteria is not discarded in one hit.
  4. UVC globes need to be changed generally every year as they will lose their efficiency after this time.
  5. When changing the water or topping up the pond a de-chlorinator should always be used.

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