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DIY Fire Protection

How to: Service your Fire Pump and Equipment

Just like cars your fire pump needs to be serviced annually as a key part of your fire protection system.

See our frequently asked questions to see how you can increase the lifespan of your fire pump and hoses and be ready for any and every emergency.

The initial investment of a fire pump is a substantial one and is a key part of your fire protection system, which makes the service and maintenance even more important.

Just like cars your fire pump needs to be serviced annually, so when the time comes your system is ready to act in any emergency situation.  As a piece of equipment that is not used on a regular basis, it is vital that the condition of your fire pump and components are tested and serviced regularly. Do this and you will also increase the lifespan of your pump.

We've documented some frequently asked questions from our customers to provide as much information as possible for you. If you have a question not listed here, please scroll to the bottom and submit as a comment!

1. How often do you need to service your pump?

Annually or every 40 hours of use. Preferably around July before the start of the fire season.

    2. What to check for?

    • Loose parts;
    • Worn or cracked seals;
    • Corrosion or rust;
    • Leaks in your hoses (both water and air);
    • Stale fuel (fuel would normally become stale after 12 months).

    Please note: Heat is created in the pump end by the product being under pressure and can damage seals and wear parts.  This can be caused by several things from a blocked discharge line, debris stuck in the impellor, to a vacuum leak in the suction line.

    3. Oil Service

    Honda recommend that oil should be cleaned out and replaced annually or every 40 hours of motor use. Use a quality genuine 10w-30 engine oil.

      4. How to clean your pump?

      After servicing your pump, use a Lanolin-based anti-corrosion spray (not petroleum-based) on all components, especially any moving parts and bare metals.

        5. How often should you start your pump?

        Every six months minimum, by running clean water through it - do not run the pump dry!

          6. What else can I do to be prepared?

          • Keep your pump covered and out of the weather;
          • Keep your pump off the ground and elevated on a suitable, stable base. A firefighter frame kit is the perfect anchor for your pump;
          • Always check to make sure your water source / tank is full.

          7. What do I need to look for when quality checking my hoses & fittings?

          • Check for leaks, cracks and any bulges in the hose;
          • Keep out of the sun when not using or deployed;
          • Retighten all clamps;
          • Spray moving parts with Lanolin-based anti-corrosion spray;
          • Check rubber washers are still inserted and not cracked or worn;

          Please note that tears and cracks are only repairable with a cut an rejoin method.


          • Avoid dragging your hose on the ground whenever possible, especially over abrasive and sharp edges;
          • Avoid using the hose above its rated working pressure.  Surges in water pressure can damage the hose;
          • Wash your hose outdoors with your standard garden hose and dish detergent. Avoid using power or pressure washers and solvents as they can damage the outer jacket;
          • Always dry your hose before storing away and avoid direct intense sunlight or hot pavements;
          • When storing your hose allow enough room for it to breath and out of direct sunlight.

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