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How to: Apply Teflon Thread Tape Correctly

Are you applying Teflon Tape correctly? There is a right and wrong way, let us show you both, along with a couple of tips and tricks from our Flow Pro technician Aaron.
Posted on: Jul 21, 2021


Teflon Tape (also known as plumbers tape) is recommended for all threaded fittings that don't have a washer, seal or O-ring installed.  Teflon tape will create a watertight seal and it also helps with lubricating the joins so they do not seize together when being unscrewed.

The trick to applying Teflon tape correctly is to wrap it around the thread in the correct direction.  Most fittings will have a right-hand or clockwise thread. In this case, the tape should be applied in a clockwise direction, with a minimum of 8 rotations when using pink Teflon tape.

We recommend using pink tape as it is thicker and more suitable to sealing in water applications.  If you are applying white tape, we would recommend a minimum of 12 rotations.

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