Toro Lawn Dial Outdoor Controller

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Toro Lawn Dial is an entry level outdoor controller suited to domestic and light commercial applications. Easy to use and reliable, the Lawn Dial features an easy to use dial, large LCD display and interactive control buttons to make navigating through the program sequence quick and easy.

The non-volatile memory retains all programmed information for up to 5 years even in the event of loss of mains power. Suitable for use with pumps, the Lawn Dial controller provides versatile scheduling options and is compatible with Toro Rain Sensors to maximize water efficiency.

  • Available in 6 Station
  • Large Dial and LCD display for easy navigation
  • Up to 6 start times per program
  • Runs a master valve and up to 2 valves per station
  • Compatible with TRS Rain Sensor
  • Water budgeting enables change of all programmed run times simultaneously