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Orange Solar Pump

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The HD50 solar pump uses a step brushless DC motor which takes power directly from the solar panels.  This is very efficient and results in less solar panels being used.

The pump uses variable speed to use all the power available from the panels, so giving best water output.

The HD50 has a flow switch to protect the pump and turn it off in a loss of prime situation, and at times when there is no sun.  It also functions as an on off switch for tank filling, eliminating the need to connect the pump and tank with long electrical wires.


  • DC Step brushless motor
  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Variable speed
  • Self adjustment to use all the sun
  • Centrifugal pump simplicity


  • Energy efficiency
  • Operates in remote locations
  • Reliable step DC motor
  • Loss of prime protection
  • Suction to 7 metres at sea level

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