OASE Aquamax Expert Filter Pumps

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These top class filtration and watercourse OASE pumps get a large amount of water moving. For designing impressive watercourses and waterfalls, exclusive garden landscapes or powerful displacement of pond water to the filtration system.

The 3 pumps in the Aquamax Expert range will handle course debris particles of up to 8mm in size.

The Aquamax Expert offers a 3-year guarantee, which can be extended by an additional 2 years, to a 5 year guarantee, upon registration via their website. 


21,000 lph, 8.0m max. head, 40 - 350 watts

OASE AQUAMAX EXPERT 30000 - Formerly known as Profimax 30,000 

30,000 lph, 8.5m max. head, 650 watts 

OASE AQUAMAX EXPERT 40000 - Formerly known as Profimax 40,000

41,000 lph, 10.0m max. head, 1100 watts