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Grundfos PM Rain Controller

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The BasicLine by Grundfos PM Rain is a rain water harvesting device based on the pressure manager and in used inconjunction with a Grundfos pump. It ensures that all collected rainwater is used as first priority instead of precious drinking water, on applications such as toilets, laundry and watering the garden.

It automatically starts the pump when it senses a demand and will switch over to mains water when your rainwater tank is empty or in the case of an electrical failure. Installation of the PM Rain is easy, simply connect it to your pipework. No level sensor is needed for the rainwater tank.

  • Specially designed valve incorporated, eliminating the need for a level sensor in the rainwater tank.
  • Suitable for direct plumbing with main water.
  • PM Rain features a user-friendly display with LED indicators showing pump on, warning and indication of whether water is drawn from the rainwater tank or mains water supply.
  • Protective functions such as a cycling alarm for dry-running protection
  • PM Rain features dual non-return valve for the mains water supply. This ensures that there will be no backflow into the mains supply eliminating the risk of contamination.


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