First Flush Delta Commercial

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The Delta Commercial is available to suit 150mm and 225mm downpipes. Allowing you to enjoy the easy install benefits of using 100mm pipes for the first flush chamber. For larger volumes, consider the Delta manifold installation options.

Delta High Volume Chamber

Easily divert large volumes of first flush with the Delta High Volume Chamber. Using multiple 100mm pipes to create the diversion chamber, the Delta’s revolutionary design makes installation simple. The Delta chamber is customisable up to 2 metres. Every 1m of Delta chamber = 73 litres of diversion.

For larger volumes, consider the Delta manifold installation configurations.

Integrated ball and seat

This unique design ensure that the first flush ball remains close to the seat, even in high flow events, ensuring the diverter seals as soon as the chamber is full. No more lost balls when cleaning your outlet either!

Divert larger volumes

By allowing you to determine the frequency of first flush, the Advanced Release Valve ensures that the Delta’s first flush diversion is optimized. The transparent, rapid release exit funnel reduces build up and blockages while allowing for easy