Eden Infiniti Fountain Kits

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The Eden Infiniti Fountain Kit is designed for the Eden 106, 112 & 114 models, and the Infiniti 600 model, or any other pump with a 16mm push down fitting. 
The nozzle extension can be cut down to size and the kit comes with two nozzles – one spray and one bell.

The Eden Infiniti Telescopic Fountain Kit is designed as a push down fitting for use with the Eden 126 and 128 pumps and the Infiniti 800 and 1200 models or any other pump with a 19mm push down fitting. 
It can also be used on pumps with a 19mm thread. 

The kit comes with an adjustable nozzle extension, flow regulator and two fountain heads – one spray and one bell. 
Its side outlet can be used to control the fountain height by diverting excess water back into the pond; or to run a pond ornament or small stream.