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DAB Borehole iSolar Powered Pumps

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The iCON solar motor powers the new DAB system for the supply of drinking water based on the most widely available renewable energy, the sun.
By means of the electric power supplied by a series of photovoltaic panels and taking advantage of the combination of a DAB S4 series 4" submersible pump with built-in  inverter type controller, the system is able to ensure a continuous drawing of water from the underground while the soalr irradiation conditions may vary.  The permanent-magnet motor technology assures high efficiency of the system that, consequently, can require a smaller number of photovoltaic panels in order to work.
It is designed for easy use and requires no maintenance.  It is the ideal solution for supplying water in remote areas, where the normal power supply of electricity to the power frid is inconsistent or completely unavailable.
Supplied complete with controller to enable automatic switching between DC and AC power.

Kit Contains

  • Solar motor
  • Wet end 

(Energy source not included)

  • Submersible electric pumps for 4” wells or larger, capable of generating a wide range of flows and heads. These units have a very extensive range of applications for lifting, distribution, and pressurisation in domestic, farming, civil and industrial water systems, filling of pressure vessels and tanks, irrigation and fire-fighting systems. For Example: Water supply for domestic dwellings, irrigation of gardens and nursery’s, horticultural and agricultural water supply, filling of storage tanks and cisterns, extreme lifts to storage tanks and off-grid water supplies. DAB Borehole submersible pumps incorporate the latest technology in hydraulic design and materials to reduce running costs, extend pump life and increase serviceability. 
  • Technopolymer impellers and diffusers for resistance to wear and corrosion 
  • Floating special material abrasion wear ring reduces wear due to sand, allows easier starting 
  • Micro cast stainless steel support and valve body for high strength and corrosion resistance 
  • 4GG and 4OL single phase motors use remote starter box with manual reset overload 
  • Large range to suit most applications 
  • Floating impeller stack for easier starts in abrasive conditions 
  • Posi drive pump shaft improves impeller life in adverse conditions 
  • Maximum sand quantity = 120 gm / m3


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