Toro Drip Eze

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Toro Drip Eze comes in discreet brown tubing to blend into the landscape. Drip emitters are welded to the inside wall of the tubing. This one piece construction prevents damage and loss of drippers, eliminates hole punching and handling damage.
Drip Eze is ideal for landscapes and gardens.

  • Available in 4mm and 13mm ID tubes 
  • 13mm uses standard barbed poly fittings
  • spacings of 15cm and 30cm in 4mm tube, 30cm and 40cm in 13mm tube
  • pressure compensating emitter in 13mm only
  • discharge rate 1.6 and 2 litres per hour

It is recommended to install a filter, pressure regulator, air release valve and line flushing valve with all dripline systems.

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