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15mm (1/2") Brass Impact Sprinklers

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The  RC25-40 Brass Adjustable Impact Sprinkler is a robust part-circle sprinkler for landscape, small horticulture blocks, nursery and greenhouse irrigation. It is ideal for under tree and nursery applications.

  • 15mm Male Thread
  • Stream Deflector and Diffuser
  • Pin for Radius Adjustment
  • Anti-Backsplash Arm
  • 24° Trajectory
  • Radius m: 11.7 - 13 Flow l/hr: 690 - 1700


The VYRSA 25 Brass Impact Sprinkler is an agricultural model low-flow full circle made of brass and has a ½” male connection. The sprinkler VYR-25 only has a single nozzle with a 24⁰ angle. The average time of rotation comes to be approximately 40sec and is ideal for under-tree and nursery applications.

  • Brass Sprinkler
  • 15mm Male Thread
  • Full Circle
  • 24⁰ Nozzle Trajectory
  • Equivilent to Toro Premier
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