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Click-and-Collect Terms & Conditions

What is Click-and-Collect?

Click-and-Collect is a free service, provided by Dural Irrigation, which allows you to purchase online with our reduced prices and collect your order in-store.

By selecting Click-and-Collect as your terms of receipt of the goods provided by Dural Irrigation Online, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as listed below.

  1. To allow Dural Irrigation a minimum of 2 hours to prepare your order or contact you regarding any out of stock items, that may be on your order.

  2. Dural Irrigation will set aside your order for 7 days maximum. After this, your ordered items will be put back into stock. You will still be able to collect your items, of course, but we cannot guarantee their availability.

  3. If your items are no longer in stock, they will have to be ordered in and collected at a later date, when they arrive in-store.

  4. All items online are available for Click-and-Collect.

  5. If your payment method is by Bank Deposit, please allow 2-3 days for the payments to clear before collecting the goods. Try to keep this in mind when selecting your collection date.

  6. Refund and exchange is available upon the collection of your order. Please see our Warranty and Returns Policy for further details or contact Customer Service.


How does Click-and-Collect work?

  • Browse through the categories and add products to your cart.
  • Select 'View Your Cart' and, if happy with your selection, select 'Click-and-Collect'
  • This will prompt you to fill in details of the pick up; name, phone number and desired date of pick up (note: we will only hold the items aside for 7 days)
  • Once your details are filled in, select "Checkout" and proceed to the Billing and Payment Details.
  • If any of your ordered items are out of stock and need to be ordered in, our receptionist will notify you via your phone or email to revise the pick up day.

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