Garden Sprayers

Garden Sprayers

There are a variety of different spray heads available to match the type of plants you have and the required amount of water they require. 

Mirco spray headsMicro spray heads
 mounted to a rod assembly are perfect for over head watering. The spray heads allow full and part-circle radius, different distances and spray patterns. 4mm tubing is attached to the rods and can be easily punched into low density poly pipe which connects to your water supply. You can insert the stakes into the ground at different heights depending on the size of your plants. A good option for vegetable and smaller gardens (less than 5m x 5m).

Rotator NozzlesRotator Nozzles with a shrub adapter mounted on a riser give you more flexibility, they are designed to cover any angle of your garden. Spray  arc and radius are adjustable allowing the perfect precipitation on individual areas of your garden. Perfect for the larger garden over 5m in width and length. A fitting is required to go from the riser into your poly pipe, either an elbow or tee.


Getting Started

You will need to map out your garden and work out which spray heads or nozzles suit your garden size and plant type.

Click here for the Micro Spray Head specifications.

Click here for the MP Rotator Nozzle specifications

What are the required components?

  • Dan Micro Spray Heads
  • Dan Modular Series Rod Assembly
  • Low Density Poly Pipe
  • Punch Tool
  • MP Rotator Nozzles
  • Shrub Adaptors
  • Grey Risers

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