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Design Service

Design Service

 Dural Irrigation offers a free design and quotation service for both domestic and commercial irrigation solutions. Designing an irrigation system can be complicated with many elements to be considered along the way.

Our qualified design specialists have many years of experience and will provide you with a design and quotation suited to your individual budget and requirements.  

We accept all project types and sizes and work with all major brands.

There are only a few things we need from you to get started.

1. A plan drawn to scale.
Include lawn and garden dimensions, tap location, desired controller location and any major obstacles e.g. pathways, trees etc.
Please click here to download a printable template for your plan.


2. Flow rate. 
For an accurate design and quote that we can guarantee, it is best to hire our flow tester.  This will give us correct flow and pressure readings. For small lawn and garden areas a simple "bucket test" is sufficient. 


3. Your irrigation preferences. 
Lawns - popup sprinklers or drip line. Gardens - micro sprays or drip line.


4. Your water supply (tank, mains or recycled water)
If your water supply is from a tank, make sure to add details of pump model you're using, or we can recommend you the best pump to use for the size of your house.


5. Size and type of any existing pipework.


6. Contact information including phone and email.


What you will receive from us;

A personalised irrigation design and quotation listing all major components and recommendations, expert advice and support with installation, as well as a direct contact to one of our technicians to guide you through the whole process.

Please fill out the form below to submit a plan and we will do our best to respond within 7 days.


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