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Here at Dural Irrigation we have noticed an increased amount of enquiries regarding products and equipment for your home away from home.  Hence why we have decided to create a collection of products and fittings to suit different applications for your camping, boating and caravaning experience.

To make it easy for you, we have broken up each application into categories below.

Drainage and Hoses:

Most caravans and RV's are now equipped with a full bathroom, laundry and sink with separate drinking water and grey water tanks. Our most common request from customers is for a sullage hose kit that can easily attach to your main drainage pipe.  We have designed a preassembled 2m hose kit that can be connected to one another easily via poly camlock fittings creating a longer hose run as needed. Available as a start up kit and extension kit.  For more information please click here

It is important you have a drinking water hose that is of food grade standard.  Drinking water hose will not contaminate your water like a standard garden hose would. Our 12mm hose is available to purchase either by the meter or in 20m coils.  We also offer a range of click on fittings for your hose, please click here to view. 


Our Puretec CR series Filtration systems are designed to connect up easily to garden hose fittings which are readily available in most locations.  The inline systems are available as a dual action filtration which has a large contaminant removal capacity or the silver plus series to remove taste, odour, chemicals and inhibits bacterial growth.  Adding "Tank safe" treatment in conjunction with your filtration system is a further guarantee your drinking water is safe. Please click here for our range of filtration tubing and accessories.



Hand pumps are generally no longer fitted to new Rv's and caravans, instead 12V water pumps are installed. Our range of 12V pumps are self priming and are ideal for maximising pressure and flow to your water outlets. 

For a more robust and powerful water transfer pump our Cromtech portable petrol pump is perfect. Weighing only seven kilograms, the Cromtech  Pump Portable 1” is compact and comes with a handle making it highly transportable. The pump outputs a maximum of 117 litres of water per minute at a total head of 30m. It comes with a 5m suction hose, tool kit, plastic funnel, hose-tails and strainer. 




Seaflo offers a range of products for the boating enthusiast. From inline pumps through to wash down kits. SEAFLO 12v Inline Submersible and Inline Pump is easy to install and carry. Also, the pump is able to pump seawater and diesel. With a long life and quiet performance motor, allows it to work in a quiet environment. The food grade material makes it suitable for a wide range of application. 

The Seaflo heavy-duty washdown kit is the best choice for cleaning boats, fish boxes, anchor wells, dinghies, and other similar applications. This pump boasts a huge 5 GPM capacity. This pump has an on-demand switch, so the pump automatically turns on when you squeeze the spray gun handle. With 70 PSI cutoff, this has the pressure to get rid of stubborn debris. Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications.




The Cromtech Outback 2.5kw inverter generator is the most compact and lightest model in its class. This model is ideal for camping, caravaning & RVs due to its compact suitcase shape.  It is suitable to power portable fridges and power tools. Some key features include AC and DC power outlets plus USB outlets. Its 5 litre fuel capacity provides up to 20 hours of use.




To view our full range of caravan, boating, RV and camping products, please click on the collection below.

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